The following is taken from a Facebook post and used with permission.

I’m going to explain Boris’s method for anybody who doesn’t quite get it, I’m not saying if I agree with his plan or not but here goes…..

His plan is to segregate all vulnerable people (older, ill and at risk) – let’s call this group A.

Anyone looking after the older,ill and at risk can be group B.

The general population generally healthy can be group C.

Group C needs to go about it’s business keeping the country moving, kids at school, us at work.

Group B looks after group A and avoids contact with C.

Group C is allowed to contract the virus and because it’s generally healthy it can cope with it better than group A (and starts to create herd immunity).

Group A and B are almost self isolating without the virus to avoid putting strain on the NHS and reducing the risk of getting the virus and then needing the NHS.

Group C (the generally healthy) go through the cycle of contracting the virus, self isolating and being looked after by healthy family members, friends and the local community.
Anyone who has complications gets looked after by the NHS while groups A and B are kept away. The NHS are not strained by A and B while its looking after complicated cases in C, those who really need their help.

As group C comes full circle and recovers it divides into groups that take group B’s position looking after group A therefore then allowing group B to go though the cycle.

With B and C through the cycle,
A is free to have NHS to itself because B and C are now clear from illness and infection and hopefully have a degree of immunity from getting it again this season…..

Hope this helps.

Everyone has a job to do for the above to work.

Stay safe and keep washing those hands and let’s pull together and help each other through this, we are resilient brits after all!!

Please feel free to share folks

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