Seated Pilates with Oliver

Seated Pilates has become widely popular with older adults, offering an effective exercise program without the stress on the body often found in other fitness activities.

Pilates focuses on control and stability, which is crucial for the older adult to keep joints stable and mobile whilst improving body awareness.

Pilates programmes also develop muscular strength,endurance, co-ordination and motor fitness.

It enhances functional movement patterns, which is vital to perform our daily tasks such as picking up a box or to reach upwards into a cupboard.

Pilates is extremely beneficial in helping to alleviate and manage pain from certain conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and hip and back problems.

Since June I have been teaching Seated Pilates to the clients at POPPIES and I have noticed a great improvement in movement patterns, coordination and posture.

The group have been working with equipment such as tennis balls for hand eye coordination, therabands for stretching, pilates balls for working on strength in the upper body.

Client feedback,

“I suffer with arthritis in my joints since starting sessions with Oliver, my ankles feel so much better and more mobile”

“I feel a lot of stiffness in my shoulders, when I’ve done the chair pilates session,

they feel so much better”

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